Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back in the Swing of Things

So back to NYC, getting into the groove of Yoga sessions. Thank you to everyone for welcoming me back, I missed you all. Yoga-laties was a packed full house, and especially sweating last night @ Bamboomoves, good work guys! The spring blooms are gorgeous, and pollen is around. My trick to this season is lots of vitamin C and Oregano Max (high dosage of wild oregano). Personally, I like to avoid the commercial allergy remedies, as they have ingredients that affect our hormones. Natural remedies are my personal preference.

I had a wonderful time visiting my daddy in Canada. Got to help at our family business, AJ Rubber & Sponge Ltd. While operating one of the machines, I was overwhelmed with gratitude, God has blessed my family to maintain a successful business for more than a decade despite the state of the economy, and unfortunate heavy competition from China. Every little blessing is one to say thanks for. While I did not get to take a yoga class in Canada, I had an amazing time with my Dad, God Mother, and family members & friends. I just missed my brother, sister in law and gorgeous niece and nephew, Katarina & Michael, as they were on their way back from India. Love you guys! I did some light yoga on my own in my home. Just a post to give thanks for Faith, Family, Friends, Health, Wealth, and Joy in every breath!
Picture: Me running one of our machines at AJ Rubber & Sponge.

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