Monday, April 12, 2010

Bienvenue Canada Eh!

Welcome to Canada eh! I am home spending time with my daddy, and taking care of him as he mends his knee back to better health. The energy in the air is amazing here. Early morning silence with the sweet chirping of the spring birds is what you wake up to. Special thanks to the lovely yogis covering my classes, Charles, Carissa, Wendy, and Monica...You guys Rock! To my private yogis, I will see you soon, breathe, do a sun salutation and breathe some more. I noticed that the yoga community here in Canada is rapidly growing, which is why my family is constantly asking me to return to Canada. It is so good to see how the positive energy of Yoga spreads and affects change in people worldwide. If I get a chance I will check out a studio up here to get a feel for the vibe. Namast-EH~
Picture: Me doing Yoga @ my Daddy's house

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