Monday, April 12, 2010

Eat Your Greens Workshop @ Bamboomoves

An update on the successful "Eat Your Greens" Workshop....Thank you ladies for coming out to learn more about a better diet, and also your Dosha as it relates to Ayurveda. Regardless of what we choose to eat, it is important to be aware and informed. These brave ladies learned about the Food Industry with the film Food Inc, some insightful handouts that I distributed to them, and a wonderful discussion after. We also had a preview movie called "Chew On This" from the people at Peta, provided by Carissa. We ate some yummy Kale, mixed veggies, green smoothies and healthy snacks. Thanks Ladies for sharing your time, your insight and being receptive. When we make a commitment to learn, we grow and shine, and that light that shines is an example for all who we come into contact with. You are all shinning stars! Since I am typing this on my brothers laptop in Canada, pictures will be posted when I get back to NYC ~ Namaste

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