Sunday, April 4, 2010

Yoga-laties @ Bamboomoves

The Yoga-laties class surprises me each week! So far our record head count has been 24!!! Boogie Down Bronx brings the heat! This class is highly intense yoga with a rapid flow vinyasa, hindi push ups (as the Indian Wrestlers do), Pilate's inspired core exercises, and more. The music play lists adds to the motivation of the sweaty class. I am truly inspired by this lovely group of people. When I had taught this class in BK, they thought it was too intense, and in BX, they welcome the challenge, with no reservations to let me know if class was hard or not hard enough. I LOVE IT!!! I myself find the class challenging, especially after teaching the 3 yoga classes earlier in the day, so the musical play list is what keeps me going. It is a lot of fun, a great sweat, and people are already seeing results. Whenever working a muscle group, it is good to give your body a break to recoup. So Wednesday and Saturday nights leave everyone feeling extra yummy the next two days, and ready for class again! These people encourage each other to push through sets, laugh, and recognize the changes in their bodies. Good job Bamboo Yogis!!!! If you think you or someone you know would want a good sweat, a toned core, a challenge and fun....come to Yoga-laties at Bamboomoves every Wednesday at 6:45pm and Saturday at 4pm. I acknowledge that the class is a challenge, so if you want to do a bit and sit in child's pose, I am cool with that. Yoga is after all a practice. When we spend hours in front of the T.V, getting hypnotized and absorbing negative energies, why not head to a class and absorb some positive energy and inspiration.

Just as a heads up, I will be absent on April 14th & 17th, so in replacement there will be Yoga on those two days.

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