Sunday, April 25, 2010

Swadhisthana Chakra Workshop

The second chakra workshop at Bamboomoves was a sensual success! Together we explored the Swadhisthana Chakra, sometimes referred to as the Spleen or Sacral Chakra. This chakra is the most sensual of them all, inviting people to embrace their sexuality, sensual side, emotions, and heal their reproductive organs. While sometimes considered to the be taboo or shameful region of the body, in the Tantra yoga practice this chakra is said to allow people to have heightened sexual experiences, and better control over their sensual side. Other than through a brief introduction, and a handout, we did not explore the tantric elements of this chakra. For those people interested in exploring the tantra side of this chakra, venture to the Phoenix Temple (Naked Yoga Studio) in the city, and Yogini Isis will be the best guide. With emphasis various elements that relate to this chakra like the evocative orange color, sweet taste, water, and yoga poses that help to restore balance to this area of the body we entered into a blissful experience. As the strings are the related instrument to this chakra, we had the special treat of a brilliant Sitar player, Gian Diana who played hypnotic ragas to set the mood. Since taste is the sensation that governs this chakra, we began by eating sumptuous strawberries, bringing awareness to our salivating mouth as the sweet taste slowly rolls around on our tongue. Each chakra workshop is getting more powerful each month. Most participants experienced some sort of healing or deeper awareness of the chakra in the form of warmth, moisture, extra salivating, vision, and more. Everyone left with a better understanding of the subtle body, and some left excited for upcoming date nights with their special somebody. We all left the studio floating. The Vegan Carrot cake was a unanimous hit! When deciding to do monthly chakra workshops, because I am kinda of shy, this was the chakra I myself was timid to introduce this tantalizing chakra, so, thank you to everyone for participating, your energy inspired me throughout the workshop! Special thank to Gian for your tremendous gift of music that you graciously shared. Hope to see you all at the next Chakra Workshop where we will explore the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

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