Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Crown Chakra Workshop Bliss

The last Chakra Workshop of the year happened over the weekend at Bamboomoves. We explored the Crown Chakra. While most workshops have related Yoga poses, chants, live music, and vegan yummies, this workshop was slightly different. We opened the energy in the Root Chakra first, and did a Chakra Voyage, going through each Chakra with light Yoga, and meditation. We allowed ourselves to detach from all the baggage of the past year, which is important for this final chakra. Detachment, forgiveness, and letting go are key to finding spiritual bliss, and liberation. Finally, we explored the Crown Chakra with headstand, mudras, meditation, and trust yogic exercises. Since this chakra does not have a coinciding instrument (aside from the silence after the sound of Om), we let everythig go into blissful silence. With the colors of violet, and the lotus petal opening on top of our heads we enjoyed and dove into bliss. Since the chakra is related to intuition and fasting, those invited picked a yummy vegan treat out of a bag (using their intuition), and took it home, only to enjoy the next day, after a night of fasting. While we missed some folks due to illnesses, and end of the year Holiday parties, Thank you ladies who attended for sharing your amazing energy. As with every chakra workshop, we had a blast, deepened our knowledge of the subtle body, and deepened our yoga practice in a traditional sense.

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