Friday, December 17, 2010

Partner Yoga in Group Classes

As I have mentioned before, in life, in NYC, we tend to feel like we are all alone. We cling to our yoga mat, and forget that we are sharing in the vibrational energy of others around us. While it is wonderful to dive deep into the spirit on our mat, sometimes sharing the experience with another person can be incredible. When we share, we can go deeper, we can support, we can encourage, we can feel love, we can feel support, and we can have fun! Every once in awhile I like to reconfigure the mats in the middle of a yoga class, and have students work with a partner. This builds community, helps synchronize the pranayama energy, and it's fun! A wonderful tool for instructors to use when designing a yoga class. It's important to remind people that this world is there to support us, but we must be open to that love to and be able to give that love back, in order to receive it.
Photo: Saturday level 1 yoga @ Bamboomoves, BX

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