Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yummy Babycakes

Somehow, since I tend to create Yoga Chakra Workshops that involve Vegan Cakes, people have this silly idea that I have a sweet tooth? I guess anything is possible. While I eat more greens regularly, I do enjoy a decadent dessert. Growing up with an Austrian Godmother, who loves dessert and a Mom who made the world's best chocolate cake (literally), I always enjoyed baking myself, and sometimes eating a baked good. I am not a fan of the over sweet icings, the overload of sugars, and since I am an animal lover and practice conciousness towards my planet, I prefer the Vegan Desserts. Vegan Desserts are better for our body, and our world. One of my Yoga students has been buzzing about a Vegan-Gluten Free Bakery on Broome St, Downtown. I checked out the website for "Babycakes", and after my yoga student nearly broke her cheeks with her smiles about the place, I decided to head down to check it out. After teaching Yoga on Wall St, Tuesday night, I took a cab to Babycakes. The trip and purchases were primarily for investigative/research purposes of course. I walk into the place and I am met with a lovely young lady gives me the inside scoop on her personal favorites! We wind up chatting and I find out she is in Anusara Yoga Teacher training, with Vira Yoga, Elena Brower. Small World, this summer I was helping to assist Elena teach the rained out Central Park Yoga, and Elena has a bass player (Garth Stevenson) who went to school with me at Berklee College of Music, and I'm a yoga teacher. I love meeting random yoga enthusiasts in the city, especially in Vegan Eateries. She turned me onto the cupcakes, which I intend to share, a caramel donut (which my yoga student insisted I try), and a complimentary brownie! So far I have eaten a cupcake and a brownie, and I must say that it was super duper yummy!!! The chocolate tasted incredible, and so far the only contender for my moms "world's best chocolate cake"! The Glutten free is garbanzo bean flour, they sweeten with agave, and add a pinch of Babycakes Lovin! If you have not been there yet, you must head down and feast on the deliciousness of conscious decadence! Thank you Babycakes for coming into my life, my heart, and most importantly my tummy!

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