Thursday, December 9, 2010

Karma Side Kick to my own Mouth

Thursday night is here. Finished my Ohashiatsu Final Exams, taught some yoga, assisted teaching the Kids Karate class, and waiting in my Gi for the adult Karate class to begin. I am chatting with Sensei John at Harmony by Karate, when we realize that it's time for me to be in Karate class. I notice Sensei Oscar is in the Dojo, YEAAAHHH!!! Sensei Oscar gives a fun class, that is moderately challenging and conscious of breath work. I walk towards my friend Sensei Joseph, full of smiles, and notice Sensei Adam is here too??? Sensei Adam gives the "Challenging Class", which is putting it gently. I don't know why, clearly the Bronx is rubbing off on me, because I literally joyfully, blurt out to Sensei Adam "Sensei Oscar is teaching class, HA HA HA", and Sensei Adam kindly responds "Actually Sensei Oscar is here to take class, and I will be teaching class". Everyone laughs at me, I attempt to hide my blushing face in the cupboard as I realize that I "Karate Side Kicked my own foot" in my mouth so hard! So Sensei Adam is all smiles, apparently the reaction of class being hard is a compliment.

The night before I taught the ever famous, and challenging "Yoga-laties" "Zoga-laties" soon to be renamed again, and often referred to as "the Torture Class"at Bamboomoves, so my body was feeling every aspect of tonight's Karate class. The entire experience is Karma at it's finest! Ironically, Sensei Adam does a lot of exercises we do at Bamboomoves during "the Torture class". After we did burpees, push ups, pull ups, mountain climbers, wall squats, and dive bombers, he announced that we will be "Grappling". HUH? Come again, Sensei Adam? Sempai Ferrihah quickly motioned that we will be partners, YEAAA! Without a moments hesitation, Sensei Adam decides he will make the partners. I am put with Sensei Joseph (yeaaaahhhh, my wonderful friend!). Sensei Joseph looks at me with his intensity, and calmly says "I'm gonna take you down to the floor". Pardon me? HUH??? Umm Jo Jo? My nervous giggle begins, and quickly I am brought down to the floor. Sensei Joseph proceeded to "grapple" me through how to get out of the situation. It was amazing! The energy that I am blessed to enjoy at Harmony by Karate is evident in every student, Sempai, and Sensei. While I am the only one with the Yellow Belt in the primarily Black Belt adult class, they all take time and kindness to show me how to improve and better myself in the Karate style they are practicing. Thank you all for making Karate such an amazing experience, and thank you Sensei Adam for another wonderful class.

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