Friday, January 21, 2011

Embracing the Bliss of Silence

So while the feedback was wonderful from our recent silent yoga class at Bamboomoves, I just want to say that having music in class is also beautiful. We must remember that we are ultimately vibration, and the silence is actually, the vibrational energetic sounds of the Universe that exist within us. Silence is a tough concept for many people, but when you have witnessed the breathtaking view of a mountain top, when you have closed your eyes in prayer/meditation only to find a deep sense of peace, when you have drenched yourself in the seconds after an incredible jazz solo, when you have escaped in a dreamless sleep during savasana, or even when you have celebrated the only sound to be that of a lovers breath, you will understand the beauty and power of silence. Silence is the best opportunity to listen, to grow, and to focus. Embrace the bliss of silence!

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