Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Neti Pot Bliss

Recently I had a brief encounter with the flu, two days of high fever, bed rest, and congestion. Since I tend to have a healthy diet, I won, and beat the flu quicker than most. While I beat the fever, I was left with some congestion. This being the season of the flu and colds, it is important to keep up with your vitamin C, Vitamin D, Green juices, and Neti Pot. Neti Pot???....What's a Neti Pot? some of you may be asking. The Neti Pot helps cleanse the nasal passage, improves breathing, and gets rid of pollen and other germ like things that tend to clog our breathing passage. With a gentle salt warm water solution, and a tilt of the head, and pouring your genie lamp of love into one nostril, the natural irrigation starts to allow the salt water solution through the other nostril, and within seconds you are as good as new! If you remember drinking really fast through a straw as a child, having a huge laughter attack, and witnessing the beverage come up through your nose, then you will remember a similar feeling that a Neti Pot brings. Neti Pots are an ancient, natural solution to better breathing! Neti Pots have been used for thousands of years, and can be traced back to the Ayurveda traditions of healing, as done by the Yogis of old, with references in the hindu vedas. It is a wonderful tool for those suffering from allergies and also people recovering from colds. For those who are not interested in a Neti Pot, you can purchase other Saline inhalers that provide the same sort of nasal cleanse. For those of you interested in trying the Neti Pot, feel free to check out the video of Dr. Oz teaching Celebrity Soap Star, Alison Sweeny how to use a Neti Pot. Neti Pots can be purchased online or at your local Whole Foolds or Health Food Store. Happy breathing!!!!

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