Wednesday, January 12, 2011

OUTSTANDING "Zoga-laties" Success Story of 2011

Many people are rushing to the gym, signing up with trainers, joining yoga studios, adjusting their diets, and other changes are being made, in order to lose weight in this new year. The slimmer waistline, the healthier body, stronger muscles are goals many people strive for. I am happy and honored to say as a Yoga instructor, I have witnessed and participated in some amazing transformations. One student lost over 70lbs since joining Bamboomoves, one student proudly showed off her taut mid section calling it "BODY BY AMBRIA", others have lost a considerable amount of weight as well, found new strength in their core and back muscles, embraced a sexier "bootylicious" gluteus maximus, and all of them have found a healthier/happier mindset. The success stories of my students make me more excited than you could imagine!!! This is because they had a goal, devised a strategic plan of action, and took action. These success stories help me to grow as an instructor, and I am grateful to be part of the process.

While some students refer to my carefully crafted "zoga-laties" class as the "torture" class, or lovingly call me a "Drill Seargent", they keep coming back because they know they enjoy the awesome results of their hard work. I had to take the Shakira song "Latortura" off of the playlist because I didn't want to encourage associating torture with the "zoga-laties class", I prefer the word "challenge". I enjoy challenging their bodies in a safe yet fun way, because I know that the results will be awesome! They know that my voice is loud to drown out the "rocking play list", they know that after the warm up it's more work from their, and they unanimously agree that they feel "OUTSTANDING"!! I know that they feel "outstanding" because periodically through class, I will ask them "How are we feeling?" and unless the response is a unanimous "Outstanding" class may have to get a little sweatier to ensure "outstanding status". There really is no other way to feel in this class. These students (men & women) come into class, and know that they will challenge their bodies, laugh a lot, leave drenched in sweat, leave slightly sore, and sometimes even more sore the next day! Despite the challenge (which is putting it nicely) that the class poses to the entire body, these Boogie Down Bronx peeps keep coming back for more! Recently, it has come to my attention that a devoted "Zoga-laties" fan, who has only been coming to Bamboomoves since last September has successfully lost 27lbs!!!! YEAAAAA DEANA!!!!

Deana started taking the incredibly challenging class "Zoga-laties" in September of 2010 (just 4 months). She takes "Zoga-laties" class religiously twice a week, she takes Carissa's awesome Zumba class, and does 30 minutes of daily cardio on her own. Along with the fitness she has put into her routine, she has also opted for a healthier diet, "cutting out the junk" as she would say it. Clap it up for Deana and her sexy, new, healthy body!!!! Hard work, sweat, and dedication has helped her get closer to her goals! If you are looking for a healthy way to stay fit, if you have goals for your mind-body-spirit, if you wanna try a class that will have you sweating/moaning/working and feeling "OUTSTANDING" all at the same time, come to Bamboomoves in the Bronx, if you dare. Today's Snow storm couldn't keep people away, we still had an awesome size class, which is truly dedication!!!
Photo: Deana & Ambria right after the "torture" class

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