Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Yoga Party!!!

Happy New Year!!! Wishing everyone an amazing new year with better health, wealth and happiness! Last night a small portion of the Bamboomoves family joined me for some yoga and braved the semi cleaned streets of the Bronx.

We had the honor of live music from fellow Yoga Instructor and his friend Patrick. Some of us began with a slice or two of the Vegan Pizza that one student had made for us at the most awesome Pizzeria! Then we progressed our night with meditation where we celebrated our victories and the moments/people we are grateful for in our 2010 journey, then progressed into sharing our goals, eased into light sweaty yoga, which helped us all see how the holidays storm/break/dietary indulgences have affected our yoga practice in a celebratory way, and approached balance postures with the joy of a fearless/limitless/joyful child where we picked the tree we wanted to be for the new year (I of course was a cherry tree), we sang and found balance, finally the long 10 count to savasana where our legs were the iconic NYC ball, and BLISS!!

We awoke from our dreamless sleep just in time to watch the ball drop in the lobby on the live feed online, share in some more yummy vegan pizza, Chips and salsa from Sandi, Chocolate covered fruits from Denise and Armondo, Wine/Juices from Doris and I, Yummy "babycakes" Brownies from Latesha, and Robert's "Bourbon Balls", exchanges of Laughter, Joy, Hugs, Kisses, and One Student and Patrick jammed out to the wee hours of 2011!!!! What an awesome New Years Party!!! Yoga, Meditation, Joy, Fun, Laughter, Jokes, Vegan Yummies, Live Music and much more....only at Bamboomoves!

Thank you to all who participated, YOU ROCK!!! Denise, you can totally give Godiva a run for the money with your chocolate covered fruits, and you are right "chocolate covered apples ROCK"!!! Those of you who walked by and wanted to join, and even texted me about it, but felt bad cuz you thought you were were more than welcome, and you are never late except when you just don't show up (that goes for life and my yoga classes) love you and missed you guys, I am so grateful to have you all in my lives, to share in your journey to health and wellness, to celebrate in your progress, and make you laugh!!! Love you all! You all inspired me to beat my recent bout with the flu. just so I could host this ROCKIN Party, so thank you!!!! I would say my cool phrase "see you next year" is next year NOW! All the best of the best of the best in 2011!!! Set goals and go after them, have faith and let go of fear, Laugh, Love, and live life to the fullest!!!!

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