Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Aerial Yoga @ Om Factory

Last Sunday after teaching some classes, my lovely students at Bamboomoves Bronx, informed me I was joining them at Om Factory for Aerial Yoga. My students take my classes, and sign me up to take classes with them, how amazing! I was reluctant because my recently fractured toe was still sore, and I also had to teach my evening Yoga class, but I still ventured with them to fly. We walk into the Om Factory and see the room filled with lovely draping orange sheets that hang from the ceiling. Then we are greeted by a kind spirit at the front desk, sign up and ready ourselves for class. I have tried Aerial Yoga before in Brooklyn, but this was my first time with this particular teacher and studio. One of my lovely students, Latesha, loves it so much she wants to get certified in Aerial Yoga, and based on how awesome she was at Aerial Yoga, I am sure she will, and be wonderful at it! In walks our lovely teacher Ameilia. She introduces herself to us, and invites us to all enter the room and pick a Hammock. She gives the health concern questions, and instructs us where to place our hammock in relation to our body. Soon we sit in meditation in the hammock. I was taken back to my childhood days when most every child would hang in a hammock in India to fall asleep. It was very relaxing (both back then and on this day at Om). One at a time, Ameilia leads us in the Aerial Yoga flow she had designed with Handstands, Hasta Padangusthasana, lunges, downward dog and much more. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately for me, I had accidentally hurt my toe placing it into the Hammock early in the class, so I was in my own world of "Oh Noooo Did I break my toe again?". I kept focusing on sending loving energy to my toe, rubbing it, and pretending not to be in pain, which all distracted me from listening to cues and even at times trying poses. When we straddle our legs out to the side, the length of my legs was enough to hit everyone around me, and my concern was my sore big toe. Ameilia was amazing at adjusting and assisting, I probably should have mentioned my toe to her, but I just kept going on my own. The class was a lot of fun! At one point in the end of class, I was upside down in downward dog, and I had to ask my amazing student Latesha what to do next, luckily she was able to cue me what to do next. Thanks Om Factory and Ameilia for giving a fun class!

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