Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yoga @ Pure Yoga with Matt Giordano

Last week, one of my amazing yoga students (Al) invited to me to take classes at Pure Yoga with him. The space at Pure yoga is huge and lovely. They have many studios and exceptional instructors. We decided to take Slow Flow Meditation with Matt Giordano. Eventhough, I had taken Master Class with Sri Dharma, I was not sure if I wanted to jump into a fast paced vinyasa class. I entered into the studio and situated myself at the back of the class, as I like to do, and in walks Al. Al was surprised I was not right up front, and I explained to him I prefer to be at the very back of the room when I practice. In walks our instructor Matt, and begins to lead us in a lovely class. Matt takes time to explain the structural anatomy of the poses, using blocks, and wonderful verbal cues. While the name of the class is "Slow Flow Meditation", everyone was damp with sweat. Towards the end of the class, Matt lead us in a lovely meditation and sang us through Savasana while playing guitar. He then had the entire class singing the chant when we woke from our Savasana. It really was magical and lovely! Thanks Al for inviting me to take classes at Pure! Thank you Matt for an amazing experience!
Pictured : Ambria, Matt and Al

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