Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yoga with Dharma @ Dharma East

Five weeks of healing a broken toe made me avoid taking yoga asana classes, but just a few weeks ago, I went back into my love of being a student. Initially I eased myself back into classes, with some amazing classes of former students who now teach at Bamboomoves (Denise & Sara), and also with Yoshio, but I had kept my boot on and my foot was still wrapped. Finally, kicked off the boot, only wrapped the toe and took class at the gorgeous Dharma East Temple. The Temple space is magnificent! The energy is healing, and as always Sri Dharma is the Guru you wish you could learn from all day long. I placed my mat at the back of the crowded room, and felt blessed the entire class. Since my big toe doesn't really bend properly, I had to modify, and that is fine, since Yoga is a practice, not a perfect. Sri Dharma led us in Shiva Namaskar and a brilliant class that left me feeling detoxified and amazing! I did not know that Psychic Development is included in the 2 hour Master Class, so when I left and bumped into a friend, both of us went back into the Psychic Development slightly late. Nonetheless, I felt blessed and so grateful to be in the class. The room was full with many other Dharma lovers, students, and teachers who I know. My favorite place to practice is at Dharma's, you learn so much as he is a wealth of knowledge, you laugh so much because he is so witty, and you experience healing because the energy is unlike any other yoga class you could take. The brilliant yogis who practice there are such an inspiration as well. Ironically, when I was growing up a family friend from NYC, knew of this amazing Yoga Teacher who taught at what was called the Yoga Asana Centre (I think), it was Sri Dharma. Although, this centre long before I was born, I kept it in the back of my mind, and knew I wanted to learn from him, financial reasons and injuries got in the way, but, one day when it is right I will do another Teacher Training with this brilliant Guru, but for now, I will continue to enjoy Master Class, and recommend the class to everyone I can. The Zoga Yoga teacher trainees are required to take Master Class with Sri Dharma to graduate, and thankfully some of them already have ventured to the temple and have had amazing experiences!!! Thank you once again to Sri Dharma for an amazing Yoga class!

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