Friday, April 22, 2011

Dharma Class with My Lovely Teacher Trainees

As I

mentioned before, with my free time on Thursday morning I like to venture to take Sri
Dharma Mittra's Master Class. Despite the fact that my arms were sore, my heart enjoys being in class with Dharma. This week my lovely Teacher Trainees went to take class as well. It is part of the requirements for them to graduate to take Master Class at Dharma's. While many may feel hesitant due to the challenging asana practice, it is so that they can learn from a master teacher, and experience the energy of the room. Many advanced students at Sri Dharma's can inspire people to deepen their practice. Sri Dharma himself is always full of inspiration, energy, wisdom, and a brilliant sense of humor. I had told the ladies that I always place my mat at the back of the room, and oddly enough, when I walked in they had lined their mats up on the exact place where I usually like to practice, Carolann was actually in my spot. My lovely friend Lauren was directly in front of my beautiful Teacher Trainees. It was so awesome to see that. I laid out my mat at the back of the room, like a little mouse, on the hardwood so not to disturb class. Master class on Thursdays always has Psychic Development, but this week, just before psychic development, Dharma encouraged students engage in some fun Acro Yoga or Partner Yoga. While class is always a challenge physically, it is also fun and spiritual at the same time.

The irony of today's Master Class is while I love Sri Dharma, his picture is on my altar, I joyfully wear the Mala given to me by his devotee (Andrew Tanner) that was on Sri Dharma's picture during the entire previous Teacher Training, I have only given humble smiles and whispery thank yous to Sri Dharma. I have never ever had a conversation with Dharma Mittra. Somehow, I manage to tap into the shy Indian girl (that is otherwise normally buried REALLY DEEP), and just give simple shy smiles of gratitude, reverence and awe to Sri Dharma. Normally just bowing my head with hands in Anjali Mudra. But here comes the irony, I was so pleased with these lovely Teacher Trainees for being "receptive" as Dharma says, for actually taking class, learning as he spent a good amount of time personally hands on adjusting them in the massive group of students, that I got my camera and rounded them up for a photo with Dharma. Initially I was about to take the photo (so shy I was not even thinking about being in the picture), but one of the lovely Dharma students saw me, and offered to snap the amazing pictures. Dharma not only posed in the middle of our group, he also decided to do two brilliant headstand variations in the middle (one on his finger tips and the other no hands). It was awesome! This Thursdays Master class was brilliant (as always), and I am so grateful to have shared the experience with these lovely ladies : Amber, Carolann, Latesha and Nicole. We were missing Armondo, Jessica, Margie and Steph, but maybe another time. I wished I could have stayed with the ladies and catch a bite to eat or juice, but I had to rush uptown to teach 4 classes of my own. Thank you Sri Dharma for blessing us with an amazing class, and for taking the time to stand on your head in our photos!!!
Photos: Amber, Latesha, Sri Dharma, Nicole, Carolaan, Ambria


  1. AWESOME PHOTOS!!! Sounds like their experience at Dharma's was "just what the Dr. ordered" LOL

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