Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Finding Peace in Moksha Hot Yoga

This morning I decided to take a break from my morning practice and try a new class.  While my morning practice is usually something along the lines of Ashtanga, Sri Dharma Mittra Shiva Namaskar flow, or just whatever I feel like my body is feeling like flowing through, I did something new today.  I did HOT YOGA at Moksha. Moksha in sansrkit means liberation.
Moksha is the new chain of Yoga studios that is sweeping across Ontario Canada.  Similar to the concept of Bikram, in that the rooms are heated and students are invited to go through a set series of postures.  Hot yoga is very beneficial for people in Kapha Ayurveda Constitution.  The heat helps to warm the joints and muscles.  The added steaminess to the room is said to create more sweat and result in a better detox experience.

I had apprehension due to my previous experience with a Bikram class.  Due to my ayurveda constitution being Pitta, I generally do not need extra heat.  I wanted to try anyways.  I get to class and like always make no mention that I am a Yoga Teacher, filling out the forms, and setting myself up.  The friendly receptionist was actually the teacher for the 6:30 am class.  Her name was Serena and she lead us through class with a lovely fairy like voice through the Moksha 60 Flow.  I loved that she invites students to go at their own pace, take childs pose whenever necessary, and she provided very clear verbal cues.  I thought the heat would be a challenge, and I surprised myself, only taking childs pose's that she would cue, and actually enjoying the steamy room.  It reminded me of the heat in India when I practice in there.  She mentioned that the 6:30 am class is not always as hot as the other classes throughout the day.  I was also amazed and happy to see that the class was full, nearly 25 or 30 people for a 6:30am HOT YOGA class.  They have a 30 day challenge for spring currently and it was also nice to see how many are participating in this Sangha. 

Since Yoga is about quieting the mind, and deflating the ego or "I AM" consciousness, I always encourage Yoga practitioners (students and teachers) to step outside of their comfort zone, their favorite teacher, or style of yoga, to challenge their compassion/humilty, and ability to truly be a student to the practice of Yoga.  While some pose names may be called different, while some yoga classes may be asana based with very little reference to the philosophy of Yoga, while no Western Yogi is living in a cave in the Himilayas or a renunciate, I feel like it is important to have an open mind and enjoy the practice.  Any judgements or frustrations that arise during a yoga class should be investigated deeper, because often times it is reflecting a deeper situation that needs to be explored and understood for our individual liberation.  I really enjoyed this class and very happy I attended.  Thank you Serena and Moksha for a wonderful experience.

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