Thursday, May 23, 2013

Top Ten Benefits of Meditation and the 30 Day Challenge

Meditation is one of the most beneficial things to practice.  While many people are enjoying their yoga practice, flowing through yoga asana, practicing pranayama, we must realize all this is to prepare the body for Meditation (Dhyana).  This practice yoga asana so we can prepare our physical body for sitting in stilling, one pointed thought which eventually turns into self realization, liberation, and Samadhi.

Can you sit in stillness for 15 minutes?  Have you ever paid attention to the thoughts that arise? Perhaps your body gets numb to sit for long periods?  Well this cessation of the mind is the ultimate goal of the Yoga Practice, therefore practicing this Meditation Daily is extremely beneficial.  The more you practice meditation, the easier it becomes.

Join me in this 15 minute a day meditation challenge for 30 days.  Some of you may say you don't have 15 minutes, so begin with 5 minutes.  Set aside this magical time in your day, Sit in stillness, concentrate on your breath and enjoy.  If thoughts arise, it is good to investigate.  Whatever thoughts arise, there are deeper residual issues behind whatever thoughts/mental pictures may pop up.  This is your time to heal.  While Yoga Asana can be considered a Moving Meditation, japa mala, guided audio, nada yoga, yoga nidra, tratak, Bija Mantra, Chakra Awareness, SO-HUM, and many other things are forms of meditation practice, for this challenge stillness is the main requirement.  You may want to go outside and connect with nature, or perhaps on your favorite meditation cushion. While there are so many benefits of yoga, here is a short list of 10 benefits.

The Top Ten Benefits of Meditation:
  1. Reduce Stress
  2. Lower Blood Pressure
  3. Improved Sleep
  4. Reduce Back Pain
  5. Improve Memory
  6. Strengthen Immune System
  7. Improve Creativity
  8. Lose Weight
  9. Increase JOY
  10. Increase Confidence

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  1. Para las mentes en desarrollo, la meditación puede ser de gran ayuda, y hasta aun más que en los adultos. Últimamente se ha visto un gran interés de parte de los educadores e investigadores en llevar la meditación y yoga a las escuelas. Muchas escuelas últimamente han implementado estas prácticas dentro de sus horarios diarios y han visto que las calificaciones y las asistencias han incrementado. Así también se ha comprobado que existen beneficios cognitivos y emocionales para los niños.

    La meditación puede revertir los patrones en el cerebro que contribuyen a que se distraiga fácilmente, que te preocupes o que tengas poca atención, por lo tanto es sumamente eficaz con los niños.