Sunday, May 12, 2013

Oil Pulling: Ancient & Simple way to Improve Health

The amazing popularity Yoga is getting worldwide is also bringing awareness of ancient approaches to health and wellness from the sister science of Ayurveda.  While this system of science dates back thousands of years with the intent of cleansing the body of toxins, and creating a healthy balanced overall system , it often times can be dismissed as primitive.  While I encourage people to educate themselves sufficiently before embarking on home remedies/new minimally tested remedies, and even home yoga practice, I also love to share my own experiences. 

In the science of Ayurveda, people are encouraged to evaluate their entire mind-body-spirit to discover their prarkruti (Ayurveda constitution).  This understanding better establishes dietary guidelines, exercise, pranayama, and herbal treatments.  A common Ayurveda start to the day is warm water with lemon.  This article is going to highlight another common Ayurveda treatment called Oil Pulling.

Oil Pulling is said to shown improvement in the overall health of gums and teeth by reducing bacteria.  The technique involves swishing around one tablespoon of oil (Sesame or coconut) around in the mouth through the teeth for about twenty minutes.  Keep swirling it around your mouth, breathing through your nose, perhaps listening to music or humming.  The oil attracts pathogens and because of this individuals must spit out the oil, and never swallow it.  Spit it into the trash, outside or toilet so that the oil does not clog your sink.  When the oral condition of our gums and teeth are at risk, it affects our entire body. Many people who practice oil pulling claim the beautiful radiance it provides to their skin.  Two benefits I have witnessed specifically in my students was those who suffered with sinus issues, and weak gums.

Some Ayurveda Doctors and Western Medicine M.D's promote Oil Pulling and agree that it has a host of benefits in helping with illness and chronic conditions like asthma, gum disease, bronchitis, allergies, menopause, acne, sinusitis, eczema, dermatitis, and much more.

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