Monday, April 6, 2009

WALL STREET YOGA: Anjaneyasana (Crescent Lunge)

It was my pleasure to sub for a my friends Yoga class monday morning.  It is so great that here in NYC, there are some hardworking people who commit to a monday morning Yoga practice.  The setting was an office board room in the Wall Street Area.  The rain was drizzling, and I had the honor to share and lead a peaceful, candle lit, Yoga practice with some beginner "business" Yogis.  Finding a peaceful state in a serene Yoga Studio or foreign country like India, Bali, Costa Rica etc. can be easy, but to find inner peace with the hum of NYC traffic, the gray slate walls of a Wall Street Board Room on a MONDAY RAINY MORNING, knowing that soon you will be facing deadlines and business meetings within an hour??!!! That is YOGA at its BEST!  They left class energized, damp from the detox of perspiration and quoting my phrase of "every inhale is our chance to inhale positive energy and every exhale is the release of negative energy so make both Deep, Long and with a smile". BRAVO BUSINESS YOGIS!!!! 

This lunge pose was a pose we played with!
Anjaneya = praise (from root anj meaning honor) 
This pose will help to lengthen your spine, strengthen your arms & legs and increase your stability and balance. 
1) Start from Downward Dog, inhale as you step your right foot forward between your hands, Keep your front knee stacked above the ankle
2) Keeping your back heel elevated, exhale as you gently press down and backwards into the earth, keep your leg straight, quads push into the hammies.
3) Keep Abs engaged, lengthen through the torso, inhale and gently lift arms to the sky, palms face in, pinky's turn slightly in, relax your shoulders down the back, and smile.
4) Drop the tailbone down, while pelvis remains neutral, gaze can be toward your hands or the sky. For the sake of balance and harmony switch sides.

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