Friday, April 3, 2009

Yogi Beans in NYC

While it is no secret that Yoga and Music are my primary passions in life.  My zest for maintaining a joyful spirit and positive outlook is the reason why children have always been magnetized to me and vice versa.  My years spent as a teacher in grade 1, 4 and pre-K age classes in NYC was part of my personal journey.  While I believe that the Universe brings people and situations in your life as part of growth, discovery and most importantly opportunity, I am so thankful that the Universe brought me to the delightful Yogi Beans Team.

Yogi Beans is an amazing Yoga program for kids Ages 3-10, created by the lovely Lauren Rosenfeld.  Kids explore the spirit of Yoga, with poses (physical activity), songs (music), meditation (relaxation), and SO MUCH MORE, in a non competitive environment.  Lauren has worked hard to create a wonderful program that cultivates self confidence, body awareness, and appreciation for the special mind-body connection.  Most importantly, this Yogi Beans program is TONS OF FUN!!!!

I am so excited to be part of this amazing team of talented Yogis & Yoginis.  This is a chance for me to use my yoga, music and teaching experience with the amazing Kids Yoga program, YOGI BEANS, here in NYC.  Through teaching experience I have learned that time spent with a child, is precious, humbling, fun and always a new experience.  I am excited to share future posts that will highlight more details about Yogi Beans, Lauren and even the Kids reactions.

For parents, schools, kids and anyone who wants more information about the wonderful YOGI BEANS program please visit :

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