Thursday, April 23, 2009

Getting "Fingered" @ ISTHA YOGA

While I have my own personal meditation practice, I recently ventured out to participate in a lovely meditation class at Ishta Yoga.  The class was led by the renowned NYC yoga guru, Alan Finger.  Alan has an amazing approach to meditation class.  He led us in pranayama with deep breathing and guided us to send our inhalation breath from the root chakra all the way up to the top of the head (bindu point), hold the breath, and exhale the breath all the way back down the sushumna (center line) to the perineum (root Chakra region).   After instructing the pranayama (breath work), Alan guided us through a series of postures incorporating this style of pranyama.  The class was charming and left all participants with a sense of peace and harmony.  Alan is well versed in the Ayurveda system and Marma points but along with his obvious wisdom he has rare gift to create an enchanting classroom environment.  Ishta is known for providing classes that incorporate meditation, energetic pranayama and mindfulness when approaching asana.  I recommend this studio to any and all.  For more information about Ishta visit:

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