Monday, April 13, 2009

Enlighten Up!

While I love to watch films, I was particularly excited to watch the film "Enlighten Up".  A documentary by Kate Churchill (devoted yoga enthusiast/film maker) following her subject Nick Rosen (non yoga enthusiast/journalist).  The film followed Nick on his quest through various yoga studios of NYC and led him to India.  His willingness to immerse himself in the fabric of the NYC yoga scene was thrilling.  The quirky interviews with well known teachers, and the essence of overall harmony in Yoga classes was well accounted for.  My favorite parts were when he ventured to India to find a deeper understanding of this ancient tradition.  
  • Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Ashtanga Guru in Mysore who led him deep into practice and shared with him that overtime, naturally the practice of Yoga unites body and spirit.  
  • Laughing Yoga Guru, Dr. Madan Kataria said that many people practice Yoga to gain a sense of spiritual uplifting while "Laughing Yoga" is practiced to lift spirits.
  • B.K.S. Iyengar was excited to share that Yoga is what you make of it and for everyone it is different and unique.
While all the experiences, classes and gurus both in NYC and in India brought such a beautiful light on the path of someone devoted to Yoga, it was the experience Nick had with Guru Saran Ananda that captured my attention.  While Nick experienced chanting, meditation, asana, and plunged into a host of yoga styles while observing various other people's Yoga practice, he still struggled with understanding the importance of it, and it was Guru Saran Ananda that said "Just Be Yourself" that is Yoga.  

"Enlighten Up" was a wonderful film that brings to light the joy, history, and growing worldwide popularity of a beautiful ancient tradition that is YOGA.


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