Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Best Yoga Teacher Training Experience

Bamboomoves Warrior Teacher Training led by the amazing Andrew Tanner, has the most appropriate name. At first when asked to participate on the instructing team for these budding new yoga instructors, I was excited and grateful as many of them take my yoga classes. I was initially confused why we called it Warrior Teacher Training but thought maybe it was just a catchy name. I quickly learned it is MUCH MORE than just a NAME! If you come out of Bamboo Warrior Teacher Training, you are a warrior for love, peace and enlightenment in every way!

While I am familiar with and respect many teacher training experiences in both NYC and India, after participating in this two week intensive I must admit, Bamboomoves has the most spiritual enlightening Warrior Experience, unlike any other. This intensive training has students training from 7 to 5 sometimes 8pm. The students are immersed in Daily (Grueling) Asana Practice, Pranayama Practice, Study the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Yogic Diet, Chakras, Unique Healing Instruction and they begin every day with 103 Bows. They have special guest instructors. experience leaves their mind, body and spirit drenched to the last drop. Many of them towards the end looked like they went through battle with blissful expressions on their faces.

The highlight of the experience...the last three days trainees take a three day retreat to New Hampshire, where they are put through the fire, with mind, body, spirit challenges unlike anything I have ever experienced. Although we stayed at a gorgeous Lake Front Gigantic Home, had daily meals prepared by another Bamboo Warrior (Jeff), and took in Mother Nature at her finest, students had many challenges. In Total 11 people (4 instructors, 7 trainees, and two adorable dogs attended the retreat) Tears were shed, bruises were found, trust was formed, and through it all everyone was purified and made strong!

While I cannot reveal all the challenges, I can say we did morning meditation in neck high cold lake water, climbed a 3,500 foot mountain, and concluded with 1000 extremely challenging bows. Yes, I said 1000 bows, that was not a typo. I cannot be more grateful to have been on this journey with these lovely new yoga instructors! There strength and courage helped me through the last 400 bows in our 1000 bow stretch. Denise, Maritza, Sarah, Ricky, Ewin, Kaowri, Erika you are now Warriors for peace and love, may your strength and courage inspire many on their yoga journey. Thank you all for letting me share in the experience. Andrew, thank you a million times over for inspiring me, guiding me, inviting me to share in this awesome experience, and for the mala (that I will forever cherish) you awarded me as an honorary Bamboo Warrior! I appreciate you more than you know. Jeff, your butternut squash soup ROCKS!!! Thank you Jeff for letting us into your lovely home, cooking such wonderful food and bringing your amazing Dog Misty! Michael, thank you for inviting me to share in this experience, your last 50 bows you led energized me to my soul!

If you or someone you know is in search of a Yoga Teacher Training experience, choose the one that gives you all the basics that you can get everywhere, and the extras only found at Bamboomoves.

Picture: Yoga Teacher Trainees almost at the top of Mt Cardigan in New Hampshire, also Sakoora the lovely Yoga Dog who joined us!

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