Sunday, August 15, 2010

Partner Yoga

I am so thankful for the many opportunities I have had with couples, to enhance their yoga practice. When I get to work with couples, it is amazing to see how the bond grows between the two partners, and the compassion for each other. Often times, individuals have different abilities, limitations, and thought processes when approaching their yoga practice and when working with their partner it brings the bond deeper. Even if it is just a matter of a hint of comedy between the two, it is such a wonderful way to improve intimacy and respect for each other. Sharing in meditation can deepen the love between people as the subtle body energy is increased. The couples I have worked with have displayed eagerness to commit to their practice, much like a gym buddy for people who like to go to the gym.

Recently, during the 12 noon level 1 yoga class at Bamboomoves, we had a class full of various levels including one prenatal person. The entire class was improvised joy, and towards the end I guided the students to rearrange the configuration of yoga mats to face each other, and we engaged in partner yoga poses, including some prenatal yoga stretches. It is so funny how we get trapped inside ourselves in a yoga class, confined to our yoga mat, and detached from the rest of the community around us except to share breathing space and energy. Just like when I work with couples, partner poses in a group class can build bonds, respect, and a hint of comedy.

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