Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Law of Attraction Part II

Often times with my yoga students, I invite them to create an intention/dedication for their yoga practice, to make the practice a Mind-Body-Spirit experience, but to take it a step further and not only offer the practice, but feel the emotions, joy and liberation that the manifestation of this intent would bring. The law of attraction is found in many sacred scripts, like the Bible when Jesus says "Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours" (Mark 11:24), The Hindu tradition of "Mantra" (translating into Man=Mind, Tra = free, therefore becoming an instrument of thought, reciting a mantra while focusing on the 3rd eye chakra, deepens our connection to the divine source of love, The Kabbalist belief "Kavanah" which means putting it out there and following through with actions, A Muslim belief of the prophet Mohamed saying "Actions are judged by intentions, so each man will have what he intended", and the famous Hebrew saying "Don't tell God how big your problems are, tell your problems how big your God is".
Many times I have encouraged students to journal, or write down what they want out of their lives. Words are powerful, and our words evoke thoughts, and our thoughts evoke actions. Many blessings in my life are attributed to prayer, meditation (with unwavering faith) and writing down my desires. Months ago, I wrote down and meditated daily on a list of things I wanted in my life including more opportunities to perform music, while my love for my yoga and shiatsu schedule did not accommodate this desire, God (the Universe, source energy whatever you like to call it) instantly granted my desire by providing me with a gig overseas to perform music. Being that I wanted to stay in NYC, the performance schedule was a bit intense, I turned the gig down.

Other things on my list have since come true, and I am completely grateful. Another thing I had written was to have some more V.I.P clients, like celebrity clients and high profile people. Not for the fame, because after losing my mother years ago, there is really nothing material in this world that impresses me. However, I think people who work so hard, and acquire fame could benefit from the yoga practice. It could provide them peace in an industry that may not, it could help them to find grounding, help facilitate a healthy lifestyle, and help them find the God within. Being that I am a musician, and worked in a famous NYC record label, I am familiar with the life of a celebrity, and respect that they are people too. In my heart and mind, everyone of my current clients are a celebrity.

Just like everything on my list, the Universe granted my desire. I was offered a job to be the personal yoga instructor for a high profile Princess in Morocco, (to respect her privacy I will not be printing her name in this post). The job would pay for travel, accommodations, salary, and more. I would travel with her all over the world, and help deepen her yoga practice. While I am grateful for this opportunity to bring yoga to a member of the Royal Family, experience a new culture, and I am honored that I was even asked, I had to turn it down. The commitment to relocating to a new country (even though it would be palace living) was much to ask, and would also prevent me from working with kids with special needs, which is a joy for me. In my heart, I know there is something more I am meant to do. My work with kids with Special needs is very important to me, as is the variety of people I get to work with in NYC both in private settings and group yoga classes. Also, my personal projects with music is something I am very excited about.

So I write this post to encourage everyone to write down their desires, meditate daily on them, believe that they will acquire them, and be ready to get them. Most importantly, be specific with what you want, I just wrote V.I.P clients, instead of listing the types of people who I would be grateful to work with. People like Madonna (a musician, a mother, a girl who lost her mother, a devotee to yoga, and a humanitarian, someone who I have loved for years), Russell Simmons (a devotee to yoga, a vegan, a humanitarian, a music mogul, someone who inspired me to work at Def Jam after graduating Berklee College of Music, and later I had a job offer at Phat Farm where I walked by his office to be greeted with a friendly hello, before I left the music industry to pursue yoga & education but he probably would never remember), Holly Robinson Pete (a lady who is devoted to helping bring awareness to autism, a mother, a talented actress), and many other people who I also feel a connection with on a spiritual level.

Please get out your books, write what you want, meditate daily, offer your yoga practice to something beyond the physical, and know that we have a loving God (regardless of what your name is for God), there is a source of Love that wants the best for us. Do all things with love and be receptive to the love the Universe brings to you. ~Peace & hugs, Ambria

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