Monday, August 23, 2010

Intro To Flight with Dice and Briohny

Later Sunday evening I was invited to the 2 hour Intro to Flight Workshop held at Bamboomoves Englewood with Michael's (Co Owner of Bamboomoves Bx) Yoga Instructors who are based out in LA. Dice and Briohny flew in from LA, to conduct Yoga Flight Workshops, teach classes, and experience the NY yoga scene for the week! While I have had a history of hang ups when it comes to Inversions, due to past injuries (Car accident, wrist injury, etc), which had translated into fear of having a reoccurring injury, I have spent much of the summer at Sankalpah with Issac who kind of nurtures you into Inversions, class with Andrew at Bamboomoves who has the "just go up" method down packed, and classes at Dharma where you are surrounded by such amazing energy, you never look back, thus I was semi prepared. Dice and Briohny are an amazing couple who took us through almost every arm balance and inversion you could think of. It was phenomenal! The 2 hour workshop goes by very fast with so much information, and flight to experience. To have these two teachers lead us into Flight, with a warm up flow, demonstrations, and each pose ushering in a new one, was so wonderful! The grace and ease they display of floating up into handstand and various other arm balances, is very inspiring. The best part is, they have brilliant allignment cues. If you are afraid to go upside down, stand on your hands or just afraid in general, this is the yoga class you want to take, they are fantastic! If you are wanting to experience these fabulous instructors come tonight Monday August 23rd to Bamboomoves, BX where they will be teaching the 7:45pm class, or on Thursday August 26 at Bamboomoves BX where they will do another Intro to Flight Workshop that evening.

Picture 1: (l-r) Charles (Bamboomoves Forrest Hills Instructor), Briohny and Dice, Ambria, and Michael (CoOwner of Bamboomoves BX)

Picture 2: The Englewood NJ Bamboomoves family with Charles, Briohny and Dice and Ambria.

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