Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yogini Kitchen- Dinning Out

While cooking and creating yummy, healthy food is fun and economical, sometimes it is fun to eat out. Many people realize that eating out can mean bigger portions with unhealthy options. While that is true SOMETIMES, there are also regular healthy portions with healthy menu options eateries out there in NYC. Here are a few vegetarian/vegan option restaurants that I went to recently that get A's for options, taste, friendly staff and price. These all vary, some are more of a fancy sit down, take a date/group of pals kinda place, and others are a little cafe like (depending on where you like to go on a date, either would work). I venture solo to a few of these places too, since the food is soooo good! If you are thinking of eating healthier, and want taste too, venture to one of these places!
  • Bonobos (near Madison Sq Park) Yummy Vegan Options, great Salads, Cafe Style
  • Atlas Cafe (East Village) Yummy options, cool desserts, cafe style
  • Liftyme (Grocery, take out style) Yummy Yummy Yummy desserts, great food options
  • Caravan of Dreams (East Village) charming restaurant, great for date/group, everything is yummy and they serve Vegan Spelt Pancakes till 5!!!!
  • Blossom (Upper West Side, Chelsea) lovely restaurant (date/group), great vegan menu!!!
  • Terri (Downtown on 23rd) Cafe style, yummy vegan options and juices
  • Gobo (Upper East Side, West Village) Charming restaurant, wide yummy vegetarian variety, fancier menu/prices

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