Monday, July 26, 2010

Meditation Workshop at Bamboomoves

On Sunday we had a Meditation Workshop at Bamboomoves in the Bronx. This FREE Workshop brought out many people as the sign up list was overflowing. We live in a world where many people experience stress from job, family, loss of loved ones, and various other sources which is why meditation is beneficial. Meditation brings peace of mind, clarity, reprograms the mind, and also invites healing to take place. Typically most people meditate sitting in an upright position, breathing deep, dissolving thoughts, while slowly escaping deeper into their breath. This is not easy for most. Sometimes sitting can cause cramping which leads to distractions that affect our meditation practice. Like with yoga, meditation is a practice and the more you do it, the better you get. Meditation can bring healing physically and psychologically. The whole concept of mind over body.
At the workshop we did an hour of guided meditation. I led the group in various techniques I am familiar with to provide them tools they can take with them. Meditation techniques like Pranayama (breathing) meditation, Sound Vibration meditation, Journey Meditation, Chakra meditation, Metta Meditation, Body Scanning, and finally a White Skeleton Meditation leading into Savasana, dissolving all thoughts and drifting into an ocean of peace. The White Skeleton meditation provided relief to those people who were not comfy sitting upright. People were left with a feeling of total peace. Towards the very end of the workshop our lovely Carissa and Denise provided everyone with a "oneness" blessing. Thank you both for sharing! To conclude the workshop, I asked the participants if they experienced anything that they would like to share. Like with every Chakra Workshop, people become shy and prefer to tell me one on one. Carissa shared with the group that she felt the presence of a white figure hovering over her (thought it was me because I was wearing white) and felt an incredible sense of peace as though she was home in her bed. Others who shared with me privately mentioned visions, warmth, total relaxation, vibration throughout the body, overwhelming happiness, and much more. The workshop was a wonderful experience. Thank you Jody for snapping some pictures during the oneness blessing. Thank you all for allowing me to share meditation with you!

Pictures: 1. Myself having a oneness blessing from Denise 2. Participants sitting in meditative posture awaiting and receiving the oneness blessing.


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