Friday, July 16, 2010

Love and Gratitude

Just a note to express my love and gratitude to the students at Bamboomoves, my private session regulars, and the Yogi Bean kids who have maintained a joyful yoga practice for many months. You all bring so much joy to my life. The folks at Bamboomoves, YEAAAHHH we made a one year anniversary. It has been such a gift to be part of your yoga journey. With the 6:30 am yoga crew that were so dedicated to their morning practice, love you guys. That was such a beautiful way to begin our day. The kids who do sun salutes, warriors and yoga games with love and kindness, love you kids. The yoga-laties fans who petitioned to have the grueling, sweaty "torture" (as they call it) class twice a week, as opposed to twice a month, I love you all. Everyone who takes my level 2, level 1, Kids, and Yoga-laties class every Saturday, during this incredibly sunny-beach-friendly summer, I love you for your dedication to the practice. All of you who share your energy for our Chakra Workshops including the musicians, love you all. The vibe at Bamboomoves is more of a family atmosphere, and it is unlike any other yoga studio, I am thankful to be part of it. Thank you to the other teachers at Bamboomoves, Andrew, Carissa, Yoshio, Yael, Sherry, Monica, Michael, I love being able to take your classes. Andrew & Yoshio, it is easy to figure out that you are both Dharma Yoga disciples, as you both provide such a deep experience for every student and never fail to encourage me with deeper adjustments to the delight of all the other students in class, thank you and I love you both. Carissa, you are my "fairy" yoga teacher, I love your "flash dance" pose, I miss when you took my Saturday classes, and love you dearly. Yael, your belly dance class is super fun, and I was so thrilled to be part of it, love you Shimmy queen. Leon, hopefully one day, I will gather the courage to take kickboxing with you, I love you and appreciate your rides home every so often. Monica and Michael, when my schedule permits, I want to take your yoga classes too, I hear wonderful things, and I love you both dearly. Sherry, unfortunately we teach at the same time, otherwise I would have loved to take Tai Chi with you, it was fun to have yoga 2 and tai chi side by side once when we had the construction going on. Carolann, Joy & Jody you are the best front desk girls of any yoga studio, thank you guys for being so helpful, and for laughing and chatting with me during breaks (while they are working hard at the same time of course Michael), you girls rock, and I love you too! I am so grateful to work with all of you. Thank you all for making my yoga journey so wonderful!

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