Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yoga-laties @ Bamboomoves

While the morning Saturday Bamboomoves Level 2 yoga class was a nice challenge, as as the Level 1, it was a treat to see the owner of the studio, Michael, participate in the highly talked about Yoga-laties. In typical fashion we did our Hindi Push ups, we did our plank poses, power yoga flow, and core yoga. The playlist was another nice up beat fusion of great music. We usually have Shakira on our play list, and the song was "La Tortura", which ironically means torture. One of the participants quickly pointed this out and said that she thinks of me, every times she hears this song. What a delight! When we got to our round of leg lifts, I could see an expression on Michael's face like "more????" and I think many of the female participants got a kick out of seeing him moan throughout the class. While in the middle of our never ending leg lifts, I took the opportunity to announce that after this class Michael will be giving me a raise, which made everyone bust out in laughter. While the timing of this statement was funny, you never know, anything is possible. All in all, every participant gave their one hundred percent which is the most important thing, being mindful to nurture themselves and take breaks when needed. We all were sweating, some were dripping!

1 comment:

  1. Yes I did take the class and yes it kicked my "Asana"

    The music was great and the postures were challenging.

    And yet I had lots of fun! I finally got to experience what everyone has been talking about. (This class was petitioned by our members! Lol.) Now that's dedication.

    I love when our students and instructors are happy.

    So Ambria let's talk about that raise ; )