Friday, July 9, 2010

Bliss at Sankalpah with Isaac

With some recent energy in my life challenging my joy, I knew it was time for me to take the role of student in a yoga class. Years ago, a bellydance instructor of mine (Kelly) told me about a studio named Sankalpah and an instructor named Isaac (who she would only practice yoga with). She raved about the studio. I had it in the back of my mind to go to class. Over time, many people made the same suggestions to me. Finally, I ventured to Sankalpah to practice yoga with Isaac. I was tired going into class. I arrived early and met Isaac's mom who showed me around and made me feel right at home. Venture off to the park to meet a friend and return for class. I walk in to see a familiar friendly trainer I knew from working at Reebok Sports Club, and Isaac's friendly face. Isaac was randomly doing some one arm handstands in the foyer. I changed out of my dress, and lay my mat in the back of the class. Isaac asks the early bird students including myself what we would like to work on, and I respond "anything easy", the girl beside me said "savasana" and Isaac smiled and promised to go "easy on us". Despite the fact that I was there to take class on an unexpected emotionally taxing day, I centered myself with my breath and flowed with Isaac. Isaac guided us through possibly one of the most brilliant yoga classes I have ever participated in. I was drenched! I was in a complete state of bliss! Unfortunately, I forgot to bring a sports bra and the neck of my soaked t-shirt was starting to get bigger and bigger, but even that didn't matter. Towards the end of class, Isaac gave us the option of inversions. He asked me if I do Handstand, and because of my wrist, I told him it is a pose I avoid. While I have done it with one toe on the wall, and The Lord's Prayer echoing in my heart, today I did it with Isaac's help. Isaac held my hands, helped me up, looked me in the eyes, and said "anyone who is a new student in my class, gets to do handstand....Oh Joy. I stood up, listened to his cues, placed my hands on the floor, and floated up, while he kindly held my legs. While upside down, I felt no tension in my wrist, and Isaac told the girl beside me to get into handstand, because only then, can I come out of it. This made me giggle and then pause because while I was still on my hands, she didn't seem to be budging. She was off the hook, and so was I as Isaac asked me to float down. Isaac led us through a marvelous creative class, with nurturing assists and challenging yet purposeful progression. I am looking forward to more classes at Sankalpah. Thank you Isaac for a marvelous healing experience. While I have a lovely picture of Isaac and myself (freshly sweaty) standing in the yoga studio, with the Sutra painted wall behind us, once my card reader works, I will upload it. My new favorite place to take class is with Isaac Penna of Sankalpah. Thank you again Isaac for such a wonderful experience! See you again soon!