Friday, July 16, 2010

Sankalpah Staycation

Amidst a challenging week, with teaching many yoga sessions, extreme heat/humidity, a dear friend grieving the loss of her fiance, another dear friend being M.I.A for over a week, and various other realities of life that make it challenging to smile, I decided get back to the yoga mat. Every so often, I choose to take class and immerse myself as a student fully, but only once in a while does a teacher provide me with a yoga experience that I want to revisit. As I had posted before, I ventured to Sankalpah and had class with the wonderful, Isaac Pena. Rather than a vacation, I had a "staycation", and took yoga with Isaac almost every morning at 7 am for one week (I had got the one week pass). I must say, it has been a highlight to my summer. Isaac gives a brilliant creative yoga class that introduces challenging asanas in a stealth manner. I loved every minute of each class. One day, I took class twice. If my schedule had allowed, I most likely would have taken classes twice each day. One thing that I loved, was that my breath was flowing exactly with the timing of the Vinyasa pace. Isaac provides the most nurturing adjustments/assists of any yoga instructor I have taken with, he guides you through a progressive sequence that leaves you literally drenched in bliss. The energy in the room is fantastic, and the music play list is great too! While my inversion practice is not the strongest due to various injuries that have left a crutch in my mind, Isaac helped me to get upside down and on my hands, but most importantly, I was not afraid in the process. Thursday was the last day of my week pass, and I was a bit tired from the previous nights yoga-laties class that I taught at Bamboomoves, but was so thankful to be in class at Sankalpah nonetheless. Just like every other day, Isaac gave the most nurturing assists. I knew from the first day, I had found an excellent teacher to practice with because I had my eyes closed for most of class. If you are a yoga instructor, you should take a class at Sankalpah with Isaac. In the past, I have mentioned that Dharma Mittra as the one Yoga Instructor to take class with, and I still maintain the same. Dharma provides a yoga experience that is almost out of body. Isaac provides a yoga experience that leaves you wanting more. While I know that the yoga experience is not about the teacher, and more about you becoming one with your breath, from my experience Isaac is a brilliant teacher who facilitates that experience. Both Dharma Mittra and Isaac Penna are instructors that I have visited repeatedly, and that says a lot, because I know I am safe in their class. Even with my own personal practice, I understand the need to be a student so that we challenge our mind and body fully. The vibration at Sankalpah is lovely. Thank you again Isaac for making such a joyful week! Hope to practice at Sankalpah again!
Pictured: Myself & Isaac Penna in front of the Sutra Wall at Sankalpah (I'm drenched!)

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