Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yoga Farts

Today, there was a discussion about Yoga farts. While taking about farting may be offensive to some, flatulence, is a natural reality of our existence. On the other hand, the mention of the word can make some bust out into laughing. Unfortunately, some folks avoid going to yoga class for fear of farting. When we do some detoxifying poses, it is true that it can stir up our guts and help release the gas but in reality if you have those toxins in your guts, your body will release it at some point. Sometimes it brings a chuckle to participants and leaves the person who farts embarrassed. Let's relax, It is natural, on average our body produces about a half a litre of this type of gas daily. It is actually your body releasing the toxic chemicals that are lingering in your intestines. The thing you may want to avoid before yoga class is foods rich in sulfur (eggs, cauliflower, and meats) these things are known to produce that stink, the "silent violent ones".

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