Saturday, July 3, 2010

Laughing Lotus Joy

Last Friday I ventured out to be a student at Laughing Lotus. I have heard a lot about Laughing Lotus, and recently because I came into contact with the lovely Alison Cramer, I decided to take a class. On the second floor of a downtown building, I enter into the studio to be greeted by the charming front desk staff. The lobby has yoga clothes, books, and various other items for sale. There are two gorgeous rooms, in vibrant colors and I laid out my mat in the Light Room to do some meditation before class. Students started to pile in, making 5 rows for this pre Fourth of July weekend class. Alison led us through a vinyasa yoga class beginning with beautiful chanting, a reading from a inspirational book, series of Warriors, a lot of Chutturunga's, and much more. The energy of the class was high. It was great to see a sea of Warriors flowing down to Side Plank and meeting in Down Dog. After class, I had the chance to speak with Alison about a job that I had been offered recently to teach Yoga abroad. We talked about taking class together when our schedules allow. Alison gives a wonderful class, and I would love to come back to Laughing Lotus for class. After class, one of the participants found me down the street, we introduced ourselves, talked about Yoga, and he mentioned how he loves the "laid back vibe" of Laughing Lotus. I am guessing the downtown location makes it great for a lot of people who work downtown Manhattan to take a Yoga class as a break from there day. Thank you Laughing Lotus & Alison for a wonderful yoga class.

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