Thursday, July 15, 2010

Amma was in town

Writing that title sounds funny for me, because "Amma" is actually the South Indian name for mom/mother, commonly used by people better known as Malayalees or Maloos from Kerala. While I grew up calling my mom, mom or ma, on occasion when I wanted to be whinny/babyish, I would use the Indian term of endearment "Amma" which was always well received. However, for the sake of this post I am referring to the wildly popular Amma, also known as the Hugging Saint. Amma is known to have started and inspired many humanitarian efforts worldwide. The Hip Hop Nation and UN hosted an event for Amma to give her loving hugs, and spread her message of peace and meditation to the yoga community of NYC. Russell Simmons and Doug E. Fresh were there in attendance along with many others. Unfortunately, my schedule didn't allow me to go and meet this fellow South Indian lady. Lines were long, energy was peaceful, and I heard all about it from clients, and Michael (owner of Bamboomoves) who enjoyed the experience. Apparently, Doug E. Fresh busted out in an amazing freestyle for the people who were waiting for their hug. If you missed Amma, she is touring for a while, Boston, DC and possibly other places so check out her site for more information and go get your Hugs.

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