Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Belly Dance with Kristi at Bamboomoves

Bamboomoves BX location has been really fortunate to have some amazing Belly Dance instructors. We had Yael, Kristin, and now Kristi! Kristi came to know that I had done belly dance before, and one Saturday after teaching my usual 3 morning yoga classes, she pulled me in to the lobby to do a Belly Dance solo. The students applauded and I felt a bit embarassed while the lovely Front Desk Ladies (Jody and Joy) laughed on the sidelines because they avoided the opportunity by directing Kristi's attention to me. Being a performer, I did my shimmy, traded shimmy's with Kristi (as Jazz musicians trade fours), and made my shimmy exit. So glad I was able to add to the roaring enthusiasm of the students at Bamboomoves, really anything to help. Kristi gives a high energy Belly Dance class. She is a brilliant performer who performs regularly in the city, and then teaches folks how to get their Shimmy on.

Last Monday night I decided to join Kristi's class, only if she doesn't make a spectacle of me. In true Kristi fashion, she basically pointed me out, jokingly announcing that she will not be making a spectacle of me, but my moves are groovin. We all laughed hysterically. She is so funny, so talented, and a great instructor. She plays wonderful music, and gets everyone into it, while our abs are screamin, our hips are shimmying, and our faces are smiling! After class we took some fun pictures. One picture did not make the blog because it wound up looking somewhat hillariously inappropriate, Kristi's version of Downward Dog tells me she may need to take a Yoga class. Kristi had asked me why I don't teach the Belly Dance class, and I had to tell her, well because I am not you! While I have had my share of doing belly dance performances back in the day, for a semi intoxicated crowds in various clubs in NYC, the art of Instructing Belly Dance is a whole different ball game. Kind of like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time....that takes a pro. Kristi is this Pro! Thanks Kristi for being such a wonderful Belly Dance instructor! I will stick to Yoga, and hope that one day you take my class after Belly dance. Kristi teaches Saturdays at 1:30 and Monday night at 6:30 at Bamboomoves.

Photos: Kristi and Ambria (pictures taken by Jody Concepcion)

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