Monday, September 20, 2010

Yoga-Laties at The Bamboomoves Retreat

The Bamboomoves Labour Day Retreat had made adjustments to the schedule to put my ever popular Yoga-laties class on the schedule. This class is my personal creation. It is an hour of fast paced Yoga, with some pilates, Indian Wrestler exercises, and various other yummy routines designed to strengthen the whole body with emphasis on core and glutes. This class is unlike any other yoga-laties class, and the suggestions of the students have enlightened me to change the name to "Zoga-laties" TM, since no sub teacher has instructed the class the same (Thanks guys). It really is an amazing experience. Thank you to all the brave folks who pack the Bamboomoves studio each Wednesday 6:45pm and Saturday 4pm, only to have me conduct the "torture" class as they call it, which they keep coming back for. More than anything, you all make that class the amazing experience that it is! When we were at the retreat, EVERY Bronx member took the class, and special thanks to the people from the other studios who could have went on the nature walk, or attending the Chi Gong, and instead opted for the "torture" class!!! So glad you all had fun! See you tonight! Wednesday at 6:45 for Yoga-laties at the Bamboomoves BX location. Also, Denise is giving a lovely Gentle Yoga class @ 5:30 if you want to stretch out a bit before class!
Picture: The Yoga-laties class at the Bamboomoves retreat taken by the amazing Jody Concepcion (Jody with a y)

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