Monday, September 6, 2010

Tai Chi with Sherry Rocks!

Every Saturday at 9:30am there is a Tai Chi class with our beautiful Sherry. I have always wanted to take Tai Chi, but since I am teaching the 9:30 yoga class at the studio, I have never gotten to take the class. I usually just get to smile and say hello to Sherry as we both go to teach our respective classes. Until this weekend!!! The Bamboomoves Labour Day Retreat gave me a chance to take Tai Chi! First off Sherry is an awesome teacher, she goes through the poses/sequencing while providing background information, accupressure/shiatsu related information, and much more. We had the beautiful windows in front of us displaying the wonder of mother nature as we gathered our chi, and balanced the yang energy, opened our heart and lung meridians, and had fun. Tai Chi is very relaxing, peaceful and therapeutic. Sherry also teaches a Tai Chi class with swords which she offers at Forrest Hills, and hopefully one day at the Bronx location. Thank you Sherry for a lovely class!

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  1. I totally agree Sherry is a awesome teacher. I hope that more people join the class. I also hope we get to start a tai chi sword class soon.