Wednesday, October 27, 2010

21 Day to Wellness Graduation

The Bamboomoves 21 day to Wellness Challenge had its graduation! The challenge encompasses weekly meetings/workshops, trips, books, guest speakers, tons of guidance and information, and most importantly a commitment on their part. The group committed to taking out processed/packaged foods, reducing/removing sugar, reducing/removing caffine, regular exercise, daily food journals, and most of the group took out meat and dairy. What they learned was to embrace the benefits of a healthy diet, to experience increased energy, and a wonderful way to lose inches and pounds. The act of journalling our food intake is a great way to see if we are eating enough of the "right foods", and also to note what makes us eat certain things. Sometimes it takes a challenge like this to realize how much our relationship with food is habits, and emotions, rather than for optimal health. All the ladies admitted to feeling better, having more energy, and losing inches. To celebrate the 21st graduation day, the group received certificates, roses, books, bracelets, and we enjoyed some yummy Vegan Chocolate Cake. It was so wonderful to be part of this challenge. These ladies are remarkable, inspiring and supportive. The funny thing is, when the weather changes it affects peoples energy, and changing diet can be challenging, but we did it!!! Congratulations ladies, keep up the good work.
Pictured: Martha, Denise, Ambria, Doris, Margie, Jody (missing was Michelle)

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