Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tony Robbins Meets Bamboomoves

The worlds most famous life coach, Tony Robbins is coming to Seacacus New Jersey this November! Since the owner of Bamboomoves, Michael Baez is a big follower of Tony, we had the lovely privilege to have a guest speaker visit our studio for free. The amazing Joshua Wenner came to Bamboomoves last Saturday to introduce some folks to the Power of changing habits, setting goals and unleashing the power within. I myself have been a fan of Tony Robbins for years, and believe in his approach to helping people overcome negative habits and create positive change. Our minds, our thoughts both work to create our body and create our lives. If our mindset is one of scarcity, and negativity, that will be our surrounding situation, however, if our mindset is one of abundance, and positivity, the sky is the limit. Many people think that it is mumbo jumbo. Try for yourself, think of a time when you felt sad, depressed, overwhelmed with grief, and check how your body posture is, now switch it, think of a time when you felt on top of the world, lucky, loved, creative, prosperous, notice how your whole body is smiling. When our body smiles, our life does too! If that didn't work, sit quiet, and imagine yourself cutting into a lemon, is your mouth starting to water? Habitually we associate lemons with sour, with taste, similarly, we make associations with situations/people/jobs and our lives. Wouldn't it be great if we could change all the negative associations we have made and succeed? This is similar to the Yoga practice in the sense of uniting Mind, Body and Spirit. For those of you interested in attending the Tony Robbins Unleash the Power within, visit his website for more information.
Thank you Joshua for taking the time to share such a wonderful workshop with us. Thank you Denise for sharing the lovely picture!

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  1. Definitely interesting, will look into it..thanks for posting