Saturday, October 2, 2010

21 Days to Health & Wellness Challenge

21 Days to Health and Wellness Challenge starts today at Bamboomoves, BX. Participants are guided on healthier eating options, cleansing options, guest lectures, field trips to healthy markets and restaurants, FREE Vegan friendly literature and books, and MUCH MORE! People who have done this program in the past have lost from 17 to 70 pounds either during the 21 days or after keeping the commitments from what they learned. People feel healthier, learn better options, lower cholestorol & BP, and LOOK GREAT!!! While this is with the guidance of the Yoga Principal of Ahimsa, it is not mandatory to be Vegan, but it is encouraged. While I have been one of the guest lecturers in the past, introducing people to the world of Ayurveda and Dosha types, this time around, I will be leading the journey! So very excited! As being a Vegan is pretty much the norm for me, I am considering a fast. This is an amazing chance for people to learn, grow, detoxify and get healthy!

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