Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shoulder Stand

Shoulder stand also called Saravangasana is known as the "queen" of the yoga poses. This pose requires you squeeze the shoulder blades together, invert the legs up the the sky, gaze to the toes, and balance on the shoulders while protecting the cervical spine. This is a lovely inversion pose to do with benefits that include healing the thyroid, letting blood flow to the brain, relieving constipation, and strengthening the muscles in the neck and shoulders. It is said to have anti-aging benefits. For instructors, a wonderful way to adjust someone deeper into the pose, includes squeezing their elbows closer with your own feet, and a gentle lift of the legs to get the yoga student higher in the pose.

Pictured: Shoulder stand pose & Instructor adjustment (photo taken by Jody Concepcion)

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