Friday, April 6, 2012

Jackfruit in Kerala

I am back in Kerala for a week of Easter Celebrations with my family. To say that it is beautiful in Kerala is an understatement. It is paradise. At present it is a Hot, Sweaty Paradise. I came here on the heels of health recovery, and my aunt was quick to whip up some special leaf concoction (some natural ayurveda type of home remedy) and thankfully it has seemed to help. Now is mango and Jackfruit season. Jackfruit is a beloved fruit of south India. We eat it raw like a fruit, we fry it like banana chips, and we boil/cook it like tapioca. It is a very sweet fruit. The tree itself is large, and the jackfruits grow in clusters. While the fruit itself resembles the smelly durian fruit, jackfruit has sweet fragrance. When the semi thorny skin is cracked open, there are tiny yellowish bulbs inside, each with it's own seed. The seeds are apparently very high in A, C, B and Zinc.

Photo: Me with a Jackfruit in my family's yard.

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