Saturday, April 14, 2012

Jai Hanuman

Since my travels in Himachal Pradesh had me encounter many monkeys, especially Hanuman Monkeys.....My dear friend took me to the Hanuman Temple in Delhi. This giant temple is made in the shape of the Hindu deity Hanuman, devotee of Lord Ram. When you enter through the mouth/entrance you give pooja, and make your way through dozens of tunnels, cave like corridors, and stairs that lead you to the top. There is a Pandit reciting Hanuman Chalisa and various other Mantras. Hanuman is the devoted Monkey god known for his giant leap to save Lord Ram's beloved Sita. In Yoga asana, the splits is the pose named after Hanuman, as it represents his giant leap of faith. Hanuman is known for his intelligence, strength and celibacy. This temple is a beautiful place to visit if you come to Delhi.

"Om Anjaneaye Vidamahe Mahabalye Dhi-Mahi Tan No Hanuman Prachodayat Ommmmm." (Mantra to Hanuman for Increasing Love in Performance & Selfless Service)

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