Monday, April 2, 2012

Discovering Yoga in Dharmshala

My travels in India have taken me on the journey of a lifetime. Though I have been to India numerous times my entire life, this is my first solo adventure. I am now in the northern part of India, Himachael Pradesh. This is my first time seeing snow in India, well at least snow capped mountains. The streets are filled with Tibetan Monks, as the Dali Lama lives in this part of India, and has regular Dharma Talks. There are tourists from all over the world. I have seen more monkeys than NYC has pigeons. I had a hungry monkey creep it's way to my table with friends, to which I said "I'm outta here", and monkey ate my left over gnocchi. Recently I left my back door open, only to have to shoo a monkey off the balcony.

I met my beautiful teacher, Shivam on the Hindu Festival Holi, only to have my face adorned with brilliant colors. While teaching here with Shivam, and on my own, was part of the plan, my health took a different turn. Initially it was beautiful to practice with a view of the magical Himachel Pradesh Mountains, the footsteps to the Himilayas. However, while my asana practice soon been minimal due to feeling extremely weak from a little turn with my health, I have discovered a beautiful meaning of yoga. The word yoga that is, meaning union or to yoke. My mind, body and spirit have united with gratitude for a beautiful landscape that is India, and compassionate new friends who have cared for me on days when I had barely enough energy to sit up and miles away from family. This has been a time to reflect in prayer with gratitude in stillness. As my health is getting better, I know I will be back to teaching and learning in no time. With some tears, some pain, and a whole lot of JOY, I am so grateful to discover yoga in Dharmshala.

Pictures: 1) The Monkey that ate my gnocchi, 2) Shivam and I 3) Me peaking in the line of Tibetan Monks 4) The Tibetan Monks marching for FREE Tibet 5) The beautiful landscape of Himachel Pradesh

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