Sunday, April 15, 2012

Love Thy Neighbor...and their Elephants.

While in Kerala I enjoyed yoga, teaching, family and the gorgeous landscape that makes Kerala also known as "God's own Abode". All my life coming to India, it was not uncommon to see Elephants in Kerala. My Uncle's neighbor has had Elephant's as a pet almost all my life. People who keep these beautiful animals as pets, either use it for work (like a truck for transport) or used for Hindu Festivals, and sometimes both. One time I was driving with my daddy and cousin and made the driver stop, only to ask to ride a roadside elephant. Roadside Elephants are not really trained, so my daddy was petrified and I was thoroughly elated to climb atop this beautiful creature and go for a spin. This time while in Kerala, the elephant that was next door was not feeling very well, and as it reminded me of some of my friends with sick pets, the thought occurred to me that my friends in the Western part of the world are used to having a neighbor with a dog or cat, rather than an elephant. Meet my neighbors pet elephant....Balan.

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