Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Community Yoga Class with Armondo

This year marked the launch of the Zoga Yoga Teacher Training Program. While I had been working on this teacher training since last year, and anticipated launching it in the Fall of 2011, the Universe wanted otherwise. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to launch the first program alongside Michael Baez at the Bamboomoves BX location (Newly Named Excel Yoga), and lead these 8 new Yoga Instructors on their newest chapter of their journey. After months of cleverly crafted Teacher Training that exposed students to Teaching Methodologies, Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, Subtle Body Awareness, Testing and much more, students are now ready to teach "Community Classes". These classes are open to the community, discounted at $5, and come with incredible value. The first Teacher Trainee to teach was the outstanding Armondo. Armondo is also husband of Denise, and a fellow Fire walker. Ironically, Armondo is the newest to the practice of Yoga out of the 8 Teacher Trainees but you would never guess it if you witnessed his practice. He has come to develop an incredibly strong Yoga Asana Practice that leaves him ready for camera shots in every pose.

The community class had a beautiful turn out of friends and supporters of Armondo. While I was feeling incredibly sick, I wanted to participate in the first Community Class of the group. Armondo played beautiful music and led the class in a wonderful practice. Towards the beginning of class I actually became tearful, I felt the powerful impact that Armondo's instruction was having on the entire class, the vibrational energy that his humility and love had helped create, and it was like an "A-HA" moment, this was part of the reason I wanted to create a Teacher Training Program. He was amazing. His sequence was mindful, his opening meditation was inviting, his attention to new students needs was absolutely beautiful, his pacing and incorporation of modifications was lovely, and as always his demonstration was fantastic! The funny thing was that Sunday had been day three of a horrible reaction to food poisoning for me, so I was weak, and Armondo's class made me feel better. At the end of class during Savasana, Armondo guided us into a beautiful peaceful Savasana. I felt as though a wave of light had swept over my body, it was amazing!

The goal of the 200 Hr Zoga Yoga Teacher Training Program is to Harmonize the Mind, Body and Spirit, to create teachers that inspire this opportunity in whatever yoga class situation that are faced with. Armondo did just that, I was so proud and happy! Community Classes are a beautiful way to support and up and coming Yoga Instructor. Community Classes are on Sundays at 3:30 at Excel Yoga in Pellham Bay, BX. Thank you Armondo for a lovely class.

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