Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Indian Classical Dance Performance

One of the traditional Dances in Indian Culture, originating in South India, is Bharatanatyam. This beautiful Dance is set to Carnatic Music (Indian Classical Music). Bharata Natyam comes from the words "Bhava" (Expression), "Raga" (Music), "Tala" (Rhythm), and "Natya" (Classical Indian Musical Theatre). Traditionally it would be performed in the Mandir (Hindu Temple) by the Devadasis (women considered servants to God/Married to a deity). This Dance usually celebrates a story in the music with expressive movement, passionate facial expressions, lyrical footwork and mudras. It is very easy to witness various Yoga Poses in this style of Dance. Almost every Indian Girl usually learns this beautifully expressive Dance, myself included. Some girls grow up to be incredible Bharatanatyam Dancers, one of them is my friend Alisha, and a lovely young girl who studies Yoga with me, Meganna. Recently, the students of the amazing Sonali Skandan put on an absolutely amazing performance of exquisite Bharatanatyam Dance here in NYC. The Show began with the young tikes doing the dance to Ganesha, and progressed with the senior dance students who wowed the crowd. I have to say while every performance was lovely, my friend Alisha stole the show with her incredible facial expressions and beautiful movements. The Show was truly incredible, with wonderful MC's, beautiful dance sequences, and enchanting Live Indian Classical Musicians. Thank you ladies for putting on an amazing Show.

Pictured: Ambria & Alisha

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